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Who we are

The "Delfino Infissi" is a company specialized in the production of laminated wood and aluminum wood frames that operates in Italy thanks to specialized resellers and agents.

The search for innovation and constant development guarantee a product always on the cutting edge, which satisfies a medium-high target of customers, now attentive to details and always looking for the best on the market.

Our work

The current range of products, in line with the latest regulations on energy saving and CE marking, ranges from glulam wood frames to aluminum shutters; passing between wooden shutters, doors, doors and wooden / aluminum frames. We can customize your projects and turn them into beautiful reality.

Our team

The quality

"Always aiming for the best to offer the best in the market" is the philosophy that has made Delfino Infissi a solid reality of wooden frames.

All products are subjected to continuous quality control (FPC) and that is why they are able to provide comfort and reliability that exceeds the customer's expectations. The controlled laminar wood on arrival at the factory and throughout the production process is a guarantee of balance and stability. The painting carried out with nanotechnological water-based products is carried out completely automatically. Impregnation, primer and finish are evenly distributed on the wood ensuring a perfect coverage of the surface, which enhances the beauty of the frame. And finally, the glass composed of internal and external laminated sheets with the addition of low-emission coating guarantee excellent performance in terms of energy.